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Our Past...Our Present...Our Future


Open the door to the little white cottage that is Deb’s Guys and Gals Salon in Minford, and you will always be greeted with, “Hey, how are you? Come on in!” The warm greeting comes from the lady with the infectious smile who owns the salon, Deb McGlone. “I love what I do!” declares Deb. “I never dread coming to work! It’s the people. I really care about my clients and want to serve them.” 

June 2023 marked the 45th year of Deb’s business. Deb is a graduate of Minford HS and Paramount Beauty Academy, receiving diplomas from both institutions only 2 weeks apart. “I started taking classes at Paramount my junior year in high school,” says Deb. With help from her mom and dad, Deb transformed the little cottage into her place of business. At age 17, an entrepreneur spread her wings and has not landed yet! 

Not just continuing to work with her growing business in Minford, but Deb has also worked for Scruples Professional Hair Care Products, based in Minneapolis, MN, for the past 27 years. Beginning as part of the support team, Deb is now a Platform Artist who teaches other hair stylists the fine points of hair color, perms, and cuts during workshops set up for continuing education hours. During the past 27 years, thousands of professionals have been taught by Deb at Scruples Workshops located throughout the country. “I have been doing classes on weekends for years in different areas of the U.S.!” says Deb, speaking of her travel for Scruples. “I love this aspect of my job and I have made so many wonderful friends throughout the country!”   Deb even has the “living room” of her salon transformed into a classroom where she also conducts workshops for local hair stylists.

In November of 2012 Deb and the girls working with her to spread their wings even farther.  As many of you know and took a mission trip to Africa to help mission women that had not had any pampering for over a year. They did their hair and waxed eyebrow and taught them how to cut their husbands and children’s hair as the help others and ask nothing in return. (Deb) you could not have told me 35 years ago that I would still be doing hair let alone doing it in Africa.


Speaking of support, Deb’s husband, Bob, is always available to lend a hand when any remodeling is needed. Deb's son Cory had also helped out with all the work. They remodeled a room in the cottage especially for children. "It used to be Cory's room, so it has always been a kid's room to me. It's one of the best things that we have done”, says Deb. “We cut the kid's hair in their special room, and they can play with toys while I am working with mom or dad. It’s been really great.” Deb also has a very pretty and relaxing room that is dedicated to pedicures, manicures and facials, Eyelash tinting, and relaxation massage 

But wait! That’s not all. Deb is also the community place to rent tuxedos for proms or weddings! “I started the tux rental so that our local residents did not have to leave town to have this service. It has worked out very well.”

In May of 2009, Deb also became licensed in two states. She now holds a Cosmetology License in Ohio and Minnesota!

Who knows what is next? Deb is always thinking! 

Just keep watching the salon grow.

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